Comment: I've no confidence either

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I've no confidence either

I'm a medical student with a wife and 3 kids, so lots going on and not making any change rapidly, but I've been working on getting my wife used to the idea of moving out the US for a while now. At first it was "no way", now she's open to Canada or a few years in Europe after residency.

I'm not one that thinks we're headed for concentration camps or the like; but I do see our freedoms being constantly eroded and don't think it will stop. My whole life I've heard how lucky I was to be born in America...well I am glad I was born here, but I don't believe in American exceptionalism (other countries can work just as hard and have just as much inspiration as we have). When I was a boy I had a placematt of the worlds nations. I would mentally play RISK while eating breakfast. 1st we annex Canada then Mexico, next we claim South America as ours, etc....well I often feel our grown leaders still play that game to different degrees. The American policy of gov't doesn't respect the principles of freedom, justice, liberty, human life, or almost anything domestically or abroad. It embarrass me and saddens me. I no longer worry my children will have less opportunity if I leave. We may say & we may not, it's 7 or so years before it would even be possible. But I'm open to it because really there as far less to be proud of as an American than the songs and news programs might claim.