Comment: Rotten Fish Smells coming from everywhere

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Rotten Fish Smells coming from everywhere

Since when do these people worry about an extramarital affair? Oh my gosh, when are they going to stop playing us for fools. This Benghazi situation may get really ugly...this resignation is just an indicator.

The news media now poo pooing what an honest man Petraeus is blah blah blah to come forward about his affair. I don't think I can stand it much longer. Lets just see how "honest" Petraeus is when he is called before the Committee to explain what he knows about Benghazi.

There is a time bomb ticking away in the Obama administration with this Benghazi incident, and they are frantic to cut the right wire to defuse it.

I wonder if there is any truth to the story that the original intention at Benghazi was to have the Muslim Brotherhood kidnap the Ambassador and hold him for ransom, with full knowledge of it by the White House, who would then use it for political purposes to help with the election. However, it all went wrong and possibly even a double cross.