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God cares

Preceding that verse the Pharisees came to Jesus to trick him. Jesus cares deeply that people who are one flesh be not torn asunder by adultery.

The permission is already there in Scripture. That does not mean anyone has to divorce their spouse because of an affair. It only means that it is permissible. If a spouse has an affair, the other spouse has permission to divorce and should that innocent spouse remarry, according to Jesus, adultery is not committed. I cannot change the words of Jesus, nor will I try to, nor will I discount them and relegate them to a green light.

I am not looking for a green light. I do not need a green light. Thank God I am married to a man who loves me more than himself and I love him hopefully as much. I can only try.

Here is the full audio of that passage:

Jesus said all the law and prophets hang on love: Love of God and Love of Neighbor as self.

The message of Jesus is to love.