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Comment: You are better prepared now simply for making the decision.

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You are better prepared now simply for making the decision.

1. I would not hold any assets where I could not get to them. Credit Unions, local safe deposit boxes, but Wall Street does not get a DIME of my money to play with. IRAs are a likely target of seizure this time around, too. Do not play with SLV type funds!But yes, I prefer silver over gold, but they are both real assets.
2. Compare your local metal dealers, and check around every few months. They change their margins. Better yet, find a local RP supporter who will buy and sell at spot, if you can. We like "junk" silver, as it is a known quantity, a known currency, and should be small enough denominations to function as currency. It will be hard to buy a loaf of bread with gold - who can make change for a couple grand? I also keep some bullion around, NEVER buy off ebay though - especially bullion. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE BUYING. There are fakes circulating now, even silver. You can get lots of good tips on youtube.
3. Both, and some silver wire, 99.9 pure for making colloidal silver, Don't know what that is? Learn - it is "Prepper Medicine Extraordinaire.Don't know how to make it? Learn, it is easy. (Again, youtube it.)
4. Coins and bullion are both widely recognized and accepted. You will want a sensitive scale to weigh your purchases, and a few lessons in spotting fakes. (Check the edges for serration, for instance.)
5. My kitchen. Learn to dehydrate and can - then you KNOW you are eating real food with no "preservative" poisons. Also, if you fill a freezer and the power goes out, you will know how to preserve what is in your freezer rather than lose it all. Also, got Mormons in the area? Try to find out when they are canning, they will let non-Mormons work there and earn their discounts. That said, I have heard good things about these folks (though I've never tired their stuff):
6. Make a water purifier. No matter how much you store, it will run out. You need to be able to purify whatever water you find. You can make really good ones with terra cotta pots and sand and activated charcoal. I keep zeolite on hand for it, too. Also, that colliodal silver you just learned to make will help.
7. Water proof storage for whatever you buy.... But something small you can carry discreetly for "Mad Max" scenarios, a .22 for small game and depending on how you feel, something serious for serious situations. Stick with common styles so you can swap ammo if needed. Then stock up on the ammo. It will be much easier to stop the ammo supply than to take the arms.

Now then, I want to echo the reply below - AQUAPONICS. It is liberty in a tub.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.