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This is why

Abortion should not be a government sanctioned or banned procedure. If this woman gets pregnant, it is not my job to decide if she should have that baby or not. I certainly would never dream of trying to impose my morals on her to try to sway her, she has been through enough.

If it is immoral, God will deal with it. But I do not think it is rational to demand she carry a child to term. Many will consider "for the life of the mother" an exception, but every pregnancy risks the life of the mother.

Feel FREE to disagree, but understand somehow, some way, we must learn to agree to disagree, you will not change my mind on this, and I know I have not changed yours. I urge you to seek common ground whenever and wherever you can, and when we cannot agree we can agree to disagree without being hateful to each other - we are still allies.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.