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I didn't see any trolls put your name in a garbage can. I saw you upset people with the GJ campaigning, and I also saw you were very popular and being defended by your fans.

When you threatened to leave, I've asked you to not leave. Others who fought with you never threatened to leave, they were banned. And some, like BigT were good people, not trolls.

And I do believe, that some of your fans didn't understand why you gave me a break. I think you gave me a break because, at least I hope, it's because you've known me on DP for over 5 years. You knew me before I was a Republican, and you witnessed, perhaps more than most, what kind of transformation that has taken in me.

ProudAmericanFirst recently made a post "calling me out", and asked, That since I am not longer bumping threads, like the one he wrote about Kucinich, and I'm a Romney voter, why bother coming to the DP except to report to the GOP what we do here.

I found it interesting because I sometimes wonder myself why I'm here as I read these threads, new threads that are like the threads from 5 years ago. I see a post about the eminate crash and I think, "How many times have I seen this?" And since that time, there have been events like Sandy.. how many survivalist had their stash wiped out?

I don't feel like this is MY path.. After the failure in 08 I felt I had no choice but to join the GOP if I wanted RP as president. Now I think it's up to those of us in the GOP to remain doing what RP asked us all to do.. RESTORE THE REPUBLIC.

Thank you for defending me from those who did not watch my transformation, and please accept my apology for your feeling that I did not defend you.. definately you were on your own path and I hope you are a better person for it, as I hope that is the case for me and all of us here.

Peace and LOVE