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"Ron Paul's America"

Love the radio idea! I could envision it as part educational ~ educating the public re key issues with a series of talks for each subject (maybe with relevant guests), something with DEPTH, the antithesis of sound-byte talk radio!; part commentary on news events ~ people, places, issues (including commentary on the president's weekly radio address); and part response to call-in questions. Regardless of the frequency of such a program (though it should be a time when young adults are available to listen!), the format ideas and scope of material that could be covered would be endless: there is so much work to be done. A Ron Paul radio program would surely become a clearinghouse for liberty issues and activism. And as reflected in a recent DP post on transitioning to the message, it would be great in that it could unite the many of us with similar ideals (e.g., re sound monetary policy or sound, non-interventionist foreign policy) regardless of political party. Between RP's loyal following and the popularity of a message whose time has come... I don't see how it could be other than a success.

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