Comment: Come on Mr. Block!

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Come on Mr. Block!

You know as well as the rest of us that the Libertarian Party wouldn't have sat this election out if Ron Paul had won the R nomination. Furthermore, Gary Johnson dropped out of the Republican primary BEFORE the Iowa caucus right about the time Ron Paul was gaining in the polls every day. I'm not positive, but, it might have even been while Ron Paul was LEADING in the Iowa polls. If Ron Paul had won Iowa, it would have been a whole new ballgame. The Libertarian Party had no intention of stepping aside and endorsing Ron Paul. Gary Johnson might have if Ron had won, but, the LP itself? Not a chance.

This is why I cannot support third parties. When we take over the Republican Party - and I say WHEN, not if, the Libertarian Party will be nothing more than a nuisance because it WILL NOT GO AWAY just because the Republican Party becomes more libertarian. - $$$ & Power -