Comment: 6) Keep the discussion on the "unresolveables".

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6) Keep the discussion on the "unresolveables".

6) Keep the discussion on the "unresolveables". Whenever possible bring up or change the topic to something that is guaranteed to elicit a very emotional reaction in most people. Topics involving religion are a slam dunk, but almost any of the social conservative topics like abortion or gay marriage will work almost as well. And it doesn't really matter which side of the issue you take as long as you make sure that you insist that no one can be a true lover of liberty unless they agree with one side or the other. Since people have been vehemently debating the existence of God for millenia you are almost guaranteed a great tail-chasing dialogue with nothing to be gained but a lot of wasted time and hurt feelings.
Also, accuse anyone who tries to redirect the conversation to something more relevant of censorship.

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