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Mises and others

have pointed to the lack of a pricing structure. Without correct prices, no one is able to determine what needs to go where and bureaus decide. Labor and resources are wasted, production declines and imbalances grow until force is required to make people produce or change what they're making to suit what someone else thinks is a good idea and is probably actually a really really bad idea. Communism certainly could never work to create technologically advanced goods requiring hundreds of thousands or even millions of pricing signals. Every time the government passes a regulation or adds a tax it shifts prices and resources around, every time they print money, they shift prices and resources, people spend large amounts of time creating things they never should have made and they develop fascinations with things they should have never cared about. When that distortion turns to hunger, someone is going to get hurt. Free markets are peace, communism is complete submission to the state, the all knowing god who doesn't make mistakes so don't even suggest it or else.

"Endless money forms the sinews of war." - Cicero,