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Comment: What are you talking about?

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What are you talking about?

Nobody has given up.. Dr.Paul is still going to events and has joined C4L again.. He's a busy guy. I know why he didn't run 3rd.. He didn't want to undo what he had accomplished. Oh and sorry.... HE WOULDN"T HAVE WON lol

The more that time passes, the more we see just how dirty Gary is.. Your fella has a degree in political science, he knows who Roger Stone is and his filthy past too.. You can bet your ass... with friends like Stone and the CFR'r in HIS past.. He's just as filthy as the rest.

And you were here everyday pushing him... I bet you knew about the connections the whole time because Gary pays you... I mean everyday, posting something about Gary and most days 5 posts. All the way from Canada with nothing to gain here.

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