Comment: I consider that a high compiment Najam.

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I consider that a high compiment Najam.

you took what I wrote the way I hoped anyone would. I think it is RUDE to attack anothers faith. my bet is that the Muslims are about the same as what I see here. sure, we do have ummm, radicals.
you are going to have them in all "faiths". if this observation holds true. then most Muslims probably not only don't want to fight about it, but are not really sure or rather cannot define just what they believe.
if I made the observation that there is a MAJOR division within the Islamic faiths..( I am not sure if I said that right, I am unsure of the distincion between Islamic and Muslim...)
and that this country has 'picked a side" that being the Sunni over the shite, would that be essentilly correct?