Comment: GMO kills (period)

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GMO kills (period)

I have come to the conclusion that Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) fall against Libertarian principles for polluting your neighbors land, air or water. GMOs released into nature cause our food chain to be caught in a cycle of destruction and disease. Seeds spread throughout the environment via natural biological processes, such as wind, turning soil, and through our landfills.

GMOs are a BioWeapon as dangerous as slow kill viruses.

Trying to play God with mankinds food is disasterous.

While I agree with free market principles of consumers making informed decisions not to buy GMO food. It is clear that the poorest and least educated in our society will fall the biggest victim of this raping of our food. GMOs essentially target poor people but affect everyone!

Lets pull our heads out of our asses and come to grips that GMO's are BioWeapons and no level of remuneration will ever pay back the disruption GMOs play on our planet.

Outlaw GMOs immediately.



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