Comment: They aren't disobeying federal law until they effectively

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They aren't disobeying federal law until they effectively

nullify it.

And by effectively, I mean they are willing and actually do, deploy state police, sheriffs, and guardsmen to defend the inalienable rights of their Citizens against unlawful federal lethal force.

Until they begin arresting federal agents acting under color of law, until they start staring down gun to gun, federal assassination squads to defend the life, liberty and property of their inhabitants, then this is all Pollyannish Bravo Sierra.

Mind you, shooting doesn't have to happen. No one wants it to. But the States have to be prepared to do their job, and the Feds have to be willing to stick within the confines of the Constitution.

If either of those fails, then we either get revolution, or capitulation.

Which is it going to be?

Three choices only one of them is peaceful, and if it occurs, that's only up to the Feds. Will they obey the law? Or will they force a needless confrontation?