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Electronic flame rectification circuits.

work on the principle that a flame can conduct a current, but only DC. that was how the idea occurred to me.
I do not know as much about electronics as you do.
but I have been dealing with them since the days when a "computer" was just a motherboard with cards.
a micro processor is really just a configurable relay assembly.
I am not trying to sound like a know it all, I don't.
but I have watched my industry move away from electro-mechanical controls to electronic. please share with me what you learn about the properties of plasma. if the new theories about it are correct... then it makes sense to me that mebbe plasma produces matter? and if the sun is made of plasma, then plasma can produce gravity? Ok, now this is fun!
I think you did a good job of sharing your hard-won information.
and THAT is how the r3volution will succeed.