Comment: Really? The Ed Asner video? Hahaha.

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Really? The Ed Asner video? Hahaha.

This video is full of junk science.

Notice when they ask the foreign demolition 'expert' what he thinks happened (1:25).... they show him A VIDEO, and he says 'that is controlled demolition.' Guys, his 'analysis' is based on watching a clip of the building collapsing. It is bunk.

Then they show side-by-side videos of buildings collapsing - and wow, they look the same! Must be controlled demolition, right? That is not proof guys! But Ed Asner continues, 'OK, so it is a controlled demolition.'

Molten steel? Yes, under the twin towers. You do realize the fires burned under the debris for days (weeks?). This wasn't 'an office fire' as 'Metallurgical Engineer' Kathy McGrade tell's you - this was (how many stories?) of office/building debris burning for an extended period of time...

When 'scientists' and 'engineers' act like this, you know they are full of shit. I know bullshit when I see it... especially from 'scientists and engineers.'

So - they don't prove shit guys. Don't be so frickin' gullible... you'll be posting about polar bears and ice-caps soon.