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When I was at the Greenville,

When I was at the Greenville, SC Ron Paul rally I ran across Jack Hunter standing at the back of the room. At the time I didn't know who he was. I mentioned to him that watching the show was like watching pro wresting, all fake and show with no go. I am glad to see he has expanded my idea but I don't think he has gone far enough. He limits it to the RNC. I don't. I see both sides of the spectrum, Republican and Democrat as the two sides that McMahon pits against one another. Pundits even call them a tag team. They pretend to fight one another but it is all fake. I worked in a TV station that taped wrestling back in my youth and watching Ivan Kolof and Silento Rodriges, joking and carrying on before the taping, appear to become hardened enemies during the taping and then leave friends in the same car they drove up in and and it changed my whole perspective. The same is true of the RNC/DNC fake battles. Later Ivan and Silento would go share a few beers and laugh about how they conned the "rubes". I am sure Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden are doing the same thing regularly. Don't you?