Comment: Yet more government waste in the making.

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Yet more government waste in the making.

Government isn't a necessary evil it is necessarily evil.

We have a vote, they have buckets of money as Members of the Federal Reserve family of Companies. The vote comes every few years, they have money all year round.

However, this is an important issue. I would rather avoid gmo foods, In a hundred years i'll see how it works out.

If your shooting for 150 years, it pays to be careful and I don't trust the government. Nothing gets better for me.

But if a company could come with a cheap, reliable test for gmo products, i'd grab one or two.

How about using a freelance organisation or COOP to reduce the burden of discovery with some friends?

How about eliminating patents on food commodities? Eliminate the government subsidy and patent protection for living organisms.

We are paying for federal government to finance and regulate genetically modified produce as a favor for Federal Reserve member companies.

How invested is California in the success of gmo? City, County and State,

Now, we are asking government to label something where they have made these huge investments? They expect huge flow of franchise taxes into the US Treasury.

I just can't find an upside to getting government involved. If they do, what motivates them to do a good job? Great Pay, Benefits, an Endless Pension,...

Free includes debt-free!