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Gravity... Momentum

Once the top of the tower began to fall, what could stop it? Do you know how much momentum it had? People can't believe that it didn't just topple to the side... since that was 'the path of least resistance.' - But, they don't understand momentum. Drop a bowling ball on a house of cards... why doesn't it roll down the side? Because, the least resistance is actually straight down (because of the mass/momentum).

You live in a fantasy world if you think there were just tiny office fires.

Explosions? Popping noises and sparks? Wow - could be lots of things. But, I certainly don't jump to the wild conclusion that it was brought down by George Bush. Maybe he did bring it down - but this is no proof.

Problem is, you guys just can't fathom that it happened. You can't imagine that these buildings were brought down by a couple of jets. We have no point of reference - we don't see skyscrapers hit with jet planes, so, no, we don't know what that does. But, you see a video that shows a building being demoed - and "Hey, that looks the same! Must have been done the same way!" - and that just isn't logical thinking.