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You missing one very

You are missing one very important point the founders put into the constitution. Voting was very limited! Never in their wildest imagination did the founders dream that voting on nearly every aspect of our lives would become reality.

It's not just limiting who votes but limiting what can be voted on is perhaps more important. Congress acts almost completely outside their scope of authority in every vote. They were limited to 17 enumerated powers delegated to the feral government in which they had a say. The have abused the commerce clause and gathered unto themselves power and authority they are not delegated in the constitution. They are also responsible for extending the vote to anyone and everyone and now days half of them even want to give the vote to non-citizens. For the very reason that they know it is the source of there unlawful power to legislate ever aspect of our lives...

I am for abolishing voting period. I find it reprehensible that others think they can steal my substance and tell me what to do by merely voting. There is good reason why the founders did not mention democracy in the constitution. As James Madison said Democracy is the ability of the people chose their own Tyrants...

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