Comment: Did you really expect it to topple?

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Did you really expect it to topple?

Can you cite any other building that withstood such force:

23,400 Megajoules for WTC 1 (14 top floors impacting)
48,400 Megajoules for WTC 2 (29 top floors impacting)

Each Megajoule is about equal to the kinetic energy in a 1-ton vehicle traveling 100mph.

As it fell, it accumulated more mass and velocity. No, it did not fall at free-fall speed. Read the below link to learn the physics behind what your mind can not believe.

To fall any way other than straight down is a resistance. You would be resisting gravity/momentum. The more momentum something has, the harder it is to change its direction.

Yes - I am getting this information from elsewhere. But you NEVER see such analysis from a Truther Theory... it never comes in the form of scientific analysis - it is ALWAYS in the form of 'It looked like' or 'Skyscrapers don't fall like that' or 'What about the people that heard...' or 'tiny office fires don't melt steel.'