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Comment: I can't belive this is up voted that much and

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I can't belive this is up voted that much and

on the front page. You are equally a communist, and the fact that the people on the daily paul don't see that shocks me. You did not lead by example and you did not teach the Philosophy of Liberty to him at all. You can't teach freedom by using coercion. So what if some kid or some ignorant adult pissed you off. Your way of making your point is to do to them what you despise? So the way you teach the Philosophy of Liberty is to use fascist tactics? Explain to me how that works? So he is pissed, now what? Now you will beat him until he sees the light? This post is by a troll who doesn't understand the Philosophy of Liberty.

I personally would have handled it differently.

1. I wouldn't care if someone post something on Facebook just to piss me off. Who cares? It is just Facebook and it is stupid!
2. I would have done nothing in response to his post, it has no effect on my life and on anything at all.
3. I would have asked him to watch some videos and give me their objective opinion. Obviously those videos would have Ron Paul in it and explain a Free Society but the videos you choose based on the Philosophy of liberty is up to you.
4. I would not have put any punishment on him including violating his privacy by changing his passwords and leaving post up on his wall he doesn't want. Fine you house your rules I get it, once again lead by example. Don't react; embrace and educate.

You failed. You did to him exactly what you fight against and you used that to try to make your point. Coercion doesn't work.

Lead by example!