Comment: Yes, McBerry's legislative package was a good start.

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Yes, McBerry's legislative package was a good start.

But Montana could combine this move by arresting any IRS agent attempting to unlawfully enforce Subtitle A upon anyone not realizing gain or profit from corporate activities. (If you aren't sure why I said it that way, do a little digging here on DP)

If they would demand that USC 26 be enforced PROPERLY as the Supreme Court has said it should be many times, then Obamacare would not be a worry to most people of Montana, and most of them, would not be paying so-called "income tax" because they don't owe it. Since Obamacare's mandate is merely a surtax upon the already existing income tax, and since it doesn't expand upon whom the income tax applies, then it is necessarily limited to the same small group of people that the income tax is limited to.

But I don't expect anyone in Montana's government to have a clue or a backbone.