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From an objective standpoint

He has held the House in a virtual limbo during his entire tenure. No matter which way you swing now, he is part of the problem and not the solution. The way the GOP elite work however, is that they will continue to keep him on, until he becomes a national distraction. They did this with Michael Steele most recently. The fix is always in. He is just doing what they want him to, even if that means nothing at all, or meeting with the president to agree on nothing. Obviously the current GOP strategy has not worked, and it involves quite a bit of obstruction with a fistful - not handful - of promises, that swing at the entire constituency when called to task. He'll be removed once the GOP elite, and not party members, decide the time is right. This is the top down Republican Party, where even someone who was a member for decades, like Paul, got railroaded. When it comes to how they do business these days, it is a dirty, dirty business.