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My opinion

Who are this people? Don't they have family, friends or coworkers to rely on times like this? The people on that East Coast shiat hole are very dysfunctional, is a bad situation when someone is so pucked up that it has no family and friends to help them out in times like this and the community don't give a puck about them either, one must be pretty idiot, selfish and rude in order to achieve the accomplishment of being all alone when such a tragedy strikes.

What those people want? A $2000 a night Ritz suite for the next 5 years? Why don't they have a premium home insurance if they choose to live in a dangerous area? Saving account? Maybe was better to save some money instead leasing cars for the last 10 years, huh?

This Sandy storm showed one more time how dysfunctional, selfish, irresponsible and divided America is, is bad when people can't rely for help even from their families.
When you are all alone most likely you where a prick all your life and you deserve what life throws at you.

Welcome the East Coast where people are proud living in a jungle, where helping people mean buying a $2 magnetic ribbon to stick on a $40,000 car.