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I don't agree with your logic jumps without basis, but for a moment, let's say that you are 100% correct in that assessment, and think through it.

In all of recorded history, has a government ever been brought to account for it's crimes without significant bloodshed by/to citizens, and sometimes invaders? Answer: Never.

When, in all of recorded history, has one bad government been replaced with a better one that did not commit more crimes? Answer: Never.

So, knowing that, what benefit comes from convincing enough people? Historically speaking, the only solution in a war crimes situation is to take up arms. Is that what you want to do? Because there is no other positive outcome for the "truthers".

I propose an alternative. If you are willing to go that far, then instead, abolish the government through means that does not get anyone killed. Withdraw from the system, remove their financing. Refuse to play. That means giving up some of the "benefits" the government provides. But you will be happier, society will be better, and the murder and thievery will be curtailed at least, and possibly stopped.

Now, for my proposed solution, there is no need to even discuss or care about 9/11. For yours, there is, but it has a bloody end if it is successful, and makes your lives miserable if you fail. AND just replaces the old corrupt system with a new corrupt system.

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