Comment: Ron Paul 2016, rand is not

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Ron Paul 2016, rand is not

Ron Paul 2016, rand is not even an option for me. I doubt there are any other liberty candidates worth my time running in the gop in 2016. I just might leave the gop if ron paul is not running again. Then i can at least be involved in a NON-corrupt non-gop process and secure a worthy lp candidate at their convention.

asking me to vote for rand is like me voting for romney. IT WILL NEVER happen so if i do not hear ron paul is interested in 2016 or someone other then romney lovers running in 2016 in the gop. I might let the gop die in my area and leave. rand is not an option on the table now or in 2016 or ever.

sadly i think dp/rpf is gonna turn into a rand lovefest which i have no interest in being in or spending my time or money on. I vowed never to support any republican who supported or endorsed romney. I will not break my vow. looks like i will be supporting Ron Paul 2016 if he runs or i will put my time and money into a Gary Johnson 2016 run.

Ron Paul 2016