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What do you mean by far fetched? That it will never

happen? Sure, but unless it does, we are doomed.

When I speak of States, I'm talking about State governments.

Theirs is the immediate task of securing our Liberty, and the first object they have to secure it against is the government created by the Constitution - specifically, the Congress, the President and the Article III courts.

Our greatest danger lies in centralized power. That is why the Framers limited it to only a few subject matters. (too many in my estimation though)

If the States, that is, the People through their State governments, don't stand up to the Feds and secure the Life, Liberty and Property of their Citizens, then absolutely NOTHING is going to stop the Feds from implementing total control - NOTHING.

The People individually are incapable. They might eventually be willing, or at least resigned to do something, but they will be crushed as long as State governments are not doing their job to back them.

This is how the system was designed. The State governments are a critical firewall. Without them, we are toast.

That doesn't mean we can't come up with a better system. But it means that this is the system we have, and while we have it, we either have to work it, or we have to wait for complete collapse and chaos.

And in that scenario, there are no assurances anyone with a Liberty mindset will be in a position to see we don't end up worse off than we are now.

Bottom line - either our local and State Governments step up and do their job of securing rights, or the Fat Lady has indeed belted her last tune.