Comment: Can you deny there is a Conservative Entertainment Complex?

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Can you deny there is a Conservative Entertainment Complex?

It is really important to look at who controls what information you are receiving on the "news", particularly on FOX, and what their agenda is. A great deal of the RNC/GOP policy is influenced by a small group of elites who have embedded themselves into sensationalist "journalism". The same can be said for the left, but perhaps it is not as innately pervasive as it has become on the right.

Talking head political pundits like O'reilly, Limbaugh, Beck, horseface Dana Bash, John King, and other morons are pushing a hardnosed neocon agenda down viewer and listener's throat. I don't see how anyone can deny this now.

Their bias is so obvious, and it has very little to do with fiscal conservatism. It has a lot to do with protecting the concept of the Bush doctrine, a hawkish war policy (which would be great for the military industrial complex and war profiteers who fund advanced industry in the U.S.) as well as domestic monitoring to prevent "the bad guys" who live here (i.e. anyone who apparently thinks independently) from destroying everyone. This imaginary foe could be right around the corner, in your closet, under the bed, spying on you at church, on the soup line. They even throw the homeless under the bus. At least Ron Paul showed a real altruism towards the downtrodden who have been kicked in the ass by the dollar devaluation and inflation over the last 20 years. You don't see that from these people. They are frothing at the mouth for another war, they have a AIPAC agenda, and they are funded by multi-billionaires, who claim the best way of life is to fund small business. When they get their men into power, they end up providing subsidies for what are international corps. that they have a vested interest in. They promote a free trade agenda, which involves selling American jobs down the river, in favor of preferred contracts. This is really a closed trade agenda.

I give Obama credit for one thing - and that is for not signing a single new FTA. Somewhere in that gigantic, robotic administration of his, they know this has killed American jobs in a major way. For whatever reason, he has avoided FTA's as a matter of deliberate policy.

But when you look at these two parties, they have started to become very similar on the issues I mentioned above. The goal of creating a drone pilot army to monitor the domestic United States means hundreds of billions, and perhaps trillions in the long-term, going to the defense industry. Every election year, Goldman Sachs and the major financial institutions hedge on both parties with their enormous PAC contributions. This is what Ron Paul is talking about recently when he says he worries about fascism. There is a marriage between government and business in this country, and it is becoming increasingly cozy for those in the bedroom. Those outside of it, however, have been severely drained of their resources. We are, in perpetuity, paying for the honeymoon.