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Fully Informed Choices

Isn't that a concept most libertarians are always chastising their less than informed fellow Americans about? You know, do your own research, yada,yada,yada.

To begin with, this is NOT a federal issue. Prop 37 was a California initiative. In a complete slug fest, the freedom loving GMO manufacturers spent $70+ million dollars (more than 10 times what proponents shelled out) to defeat the amendment. The legislation simply required manufacturers to give consumers the information they need to make informed decisions.

Who in their right mind could believe that a megalomaniac corporation like Monsanto, would ever do the right thing and label their foods voluntarily? With these shysters, it is all about political cronyism and connectedness to the political teat. The free market system of checks and balances is broken; blindsided.

I hate regulations as much as the next person. But who in their right mind given the bloated out of control banking sector; the one too big to fail, thinks that industry wouldn't be better off with Glass-Steagall than without it. In the absence of pure market forces and the presence of total crony capitalism where the Monsanto's are coddled by the best legislatures money can buy, Prop. 37 would be a welcome beginning to the end of the GMO hustle.