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I’m the one that posted the

I’m the one that posted the article and your absolutely correct their has been breakdowns in the cryptology of Bit-coin but more on the user side then of Bit-coin itself. Now between the 2 they resolve an issue that they both hold today that will never be able to be resolved.

(1) Transportation across state and government borders (Bit-coin resolves this Gold issue and yes there are ways to get around this issue e.g. Gold debit cards but that still doesn’t prevent confiscation or the restriction of movement)
(2) In the event of a systematic breakdown where claims will come forward and a bottom will be found (Gold as money will always reign supreme because unlike Bit-coin Gold itself sets a bottom because it is the bottom and can be claimed in the event of a breakdown of trust)

There both great and far better then what we have now but they still have their structural flaws.