Comment: It's easy to be a libertarian

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It's easy to be a libertarian

when you have all your stuff and you are well. Don't knock the unfortunate. All things that happen to us are not by our own choice. We don't know where he got the phone, perhaps it was given to him. Maybe his family lived far away. Perhaps his neighbors and friends were in the same predicament. He was forced out of his home. Probably all the nearby hotels were occupied and neighbors had already lent their extra rooms to others. We don't know.

There is absolutely no excuse for our government to treat American citizens this way. FEMA has been given money for the express purpose of aiding the unfortunate. Expecting the government to take care of you is crazy, but that is no excuse for the gov to act like this.

Where is the outrage? Instead we sit and call them stupid from our cozy homes? What can we do to help prove that private charity is far superior to socialism? Dr. Paul always insisted on this.