Comment: With regards to viability...

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With regards to viability...

Viability is a subjective term and changes over time. What is considered "viable" today is different than what it was 50 years ago, even just 10 years ago. Due due to advances in technology for premature infants the age of viability is decreasing. The youngest baby to be born and surivive, and is quite healty, was born at 21 weeks, 5 days. So a child at 22 weeks that wasn't viable 10 or 15 years ago wasn't a life deserving protection, but it is today. That's ludircous.

Differences in "viability" varies around the world. In the UK, a child born prior to 22 weeks is left to die by law, even though infants born that young and younger routinely survived in the US and Canada. The 22 week cut off is due to the drain on socialized medical resources in the UK and nothing to do with any kind of morality. Although it does relieve doctors of the moral responsibility of making a decision to let the child die.

Viability is not an accurate yard stick for "life". The liberal arguement that an fetus can't survive without the mother, therefore its her right to do with it as she wishes is ludicrous as well. A six month old infant can't survive on its own either, should infanticide be legal. Liberal Progressives, including Obama, believe so.

I don't pretend to have the "right" answer, but for me, silencing a beating heart is murder.