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Bear quotes

"There are a specific willful individuals with names perpetrating specific individual crimes on the American people (also individual people) and those crimes have been made legal by those criminals...those criminals each housing a human body with a legal name on a birth certificate. That is the enemy: that single person, and that single person, and that single person and they, those criminal people, are doing what they do on purpose, lawfully injuring innocent American people, each of who pays the cost of that injury."

Once a victim of fraud realizes the fact of the matter, can there be any turning back from that moment when that dragon of falsehood is dead and no longer cooking the books with fire breath?


I think the answer is yes, since a person can then begin to play the game too, finding targets, and cooking the books, to gain at the expense of: fill in the blank.

That is my point, asked, concerning the choice to employ deceit as a means of accomplishing a goal.

Who wins in that case where the art of deception is voluntarily chosen as a means to an end?