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Comment: On the OT about Blackwell

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On the OT about Blackwell

Back in 2004, he gave out a bunch of fake Purple Hearts at Republican National Convention. John Kerry actually criticized him for this as being denigrating to our soldiers. What an irony, and it goes to show you what Washington, DC does to people. You will recall Kerry's Congressional testimony on the Vietnam War... something else. If you ask me, what a better way for Blackwell to have voiced his opposition to the unilateral invasion of Iraq? Usually, when a soldier dies in combat, they get a Purple Heart...

John Kerry seemed more than pleased to testify about the horrors of the Vietnam War, testifying about how his friends had chopped off ears, raped and killed indiscriminately, but I guess, somehow... Iraq was more civilized.

I didn't have to be John Kerry to hear from a friend of mine in 2004 about how he manned a gattling gun and was told to kill anyone that approached a U.S. military checkpoint. He recalled killing, exclusively, civilian targets, for weeks, on 12 hour shifts. He didn't get a Purple Heart, though... he served two years, hired a lawyer, and never went back.