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Thank you.

I appreciate your words, but I hardly deserve the credit for stating the truth as I see it. If we keep denying there is a propaganda machine in the media, we are in big trouble. There are two types of media people today - media pundits (entertainment) and real journalists. Somehow, real journalists get stuck, embedded, in war zones, relegated to five minute explanations to the media pundits about what is really going on. It's a sick situation, the age in which we live. The media is really the unofficial 4th branch of government... the one that is supposed to ask the tough questions. According to national security agreements they have with Uncle Sam, they're not even supposed to cover violent protests in great detail. At least that was the case under GW. I still get my jollies remembering when Carter declassified to Wolf Blitzer, live on CNN, that Israel had around 200 nukes. Blitzer went crazy, asking him was that not classified information. I remember Carter responding that "Well, I was President, and now it's declassified." It was a classic TV moment I'll never forget - aired live. I've never seen it on YouTube or aired again since. He had that wide eyed look and smile on his face like "Finally, I've got you bastards." Say what you want about his presidency, but I think I almost spit my drink out. LOL