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Who wins?

My quote that you quoted...I am wondering if a whom belonged where I used the who...
"Who wins in that case where the art of deception is voluntarily chosen as a means to an end?"

No one because deceit is build upon deception and even if the target starts out as another criminal entity the entity building the new deceit becomes criminal.

Who pays the price

"Team A saves everyone from Team B.

Team C on deck.

Team C saves everyone from Team A.

Team B on deck.

Thesis - Antithesis = Synthesis

Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia

Hey, weren't those old bosses, really, really, bad?

How bout those new bosses aye?"

...even if some groups of individuals within A, B, C do not know they are in collusion?
We are in a break from the monopoly at the moment. I have a it equitable to skip rent if the owner does not notice occupancy?