Comment: I actually have seen 'or wrote in Ron Paul' on the news more

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I actually have seen 'or wrote in Ron Paul' on the news more

often than mentions of Gary Johnson, but I'm not specifically searching for Johnson, which might vary our data.

You won't see anything on Ron Paul's write in NUMBERS unless we spread it but if they are large we can. They ARE discussing 3 million 'missing' white Republicans (their characterization, due to the way they break things down, not mine). But Ron's write in votes haven't been counted yet because they have to be counted by hand. My thought is we each need to follow up in our counties with a shot across the bow email asking when write in numbers will be available so they know people will be following up and tracking these. I'm doing that, and I hope others are.

My thought is that the numbers we are going to be able to get won't be huge, because most who couldn't vote for a second choice stayed home or left it blank. Even in the states where Ron could be written in and have it counted to his name, people only started circulating and talking that idea up a week before the election. However, if the numbers are large we can get them into the information that should go around when Ron leaves congress. I am assuming there will be retrospective articles at that time and we can trend Ron's name on twitter (there were 9000 tweets per minute on election day and we still got Ron trending and got #writeinRonPaul trending regionally).

BUT with even just GOP voting for him in the primaries, and the primaries (rather than caucuses where fewer people participate) occuring mostly after Ron was declared out of the race numerically, Ron got over 2 million votes. And a bunch of those were bigger than the margin in swing states, and THAT has been noticed. Lou Dobbs and Cavuto discussed it on Fox, as well as more extensive discussion in liberty media, at minimum, and Ron Paul supporters are being blamed by factions as well. Neocons are trying to minimize that because they and liberals are trying to spin Romney's loss as campaigning too far RIGHT, but it is out there, and being discussed.

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