Comment: I read this clip completely differently & is a direct hit on us.

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I read this clip completely differently & is a direct hit on us.

Frum: "The real locus of the problem in the republican activist base and the republican donor base. They went apocalyptic over the past four years. "

Opinion: Frum is talking about us. We are (were?) the activist base of the Republican Party, and I dare say that many of us are preppers in one way or another, me included. We believe that there is going to a major economic collapse if not a total cultural collapse if our current path is not radically changed. Ron Paul was going to be the one our country needed, the only only who could have done what was needed to avoid this coming perceived calamity.

Now comes the part that hits too close to home and may in fact be a direct hit on us:

Frum's next statement: "The conservative 'followership' has been fleeced, exploited, and lied to by a conservative entertainment complex."

Was this not done to us? Were we not fleeced, exploited, and lied to? Something happened within the Ron Paul Campaign, and to this day no one knows what. Just when the crowds and enthusiasm were overflowing, the leadership ebbed, but not the donation requests. The strategy went from "in it to win it" to suspending active campaigning and only trying to make a good showing in Tampa. Then the endorsements from hell came, and our ship was left without a sail. The leadership knew that we were not going to win the nomination war for the Liberty Movement in this campaign. At that point the strategy went from enthusiastic support of the grassroots to predatory. We weren't told for obvious reasons, but eventually we figured this out for ourselves.

Remember that Frum just wants to sell his book by provocative statements. That is his agenda. Mine is applying what I hear and see to our campaign to see if it applies. In this case, it can and does. Somehow the RNC infiltrated and subverted this campaign. We were the ones that were "twisted into pretzels" (Frum's term) before Romney eventually was also. Frum: "The problem with the republican leaders is that they are cowards." That statement is also true. The republicans refused to engage us honestly and fairly and instead resorted to the most despicable tactics imaginable throughout this past campaign.