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Nobody should really be

Nobody should really be surprised by this. We knew this was coming ever since the Ryan Plan was compared to Obama's plan.

Ryan's plan, when it was first being pushed, was continually touted on TV as though it was going to reduce our debt $3T by 2020. I kept hearing that back then and decided to dig a bit into the info.

Turns out, our debt would not be reduced by $3T at all. What they were actually referring to was the 2020 national debt under Ryan's plan compared to the national debt by then under Obama's plan.

Obama was planning to have us $26T in debt by 2020. Ryan's plan was to have us $23T in debt by then... $3T less (what they referred to as a $3T reduction in the (future projected under Obama) debt).

The sad part about all of that is Ryan and the people promoting his plan actually had a lot of people believing that the $3T debt reduction they were advertising was a real reduction in our real debt when in fact it was a projected $3T less than the projected $26T total debt 10 years in the future.

Both Ryan's plan and Obama's plan had us going into more debt.

$18.7T is only a drop in the bucket in regards to how much debt they (the politicians) want to saddle us with.