Comment: Yes. Let them all die.

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Yes. Let them all die.

I so agree with many posters below. This man has a phone and a car. He probably stole them both. This story about working hard every day since he left home at 16? That's just a euphemism for dealing drugs. The people in that car weren't his family, those were his prostitutes. Drug kingpins like him have cash, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars but this guy can't spend for a night in a hotel room?

And most of these people probably voted for Obama. Actually, ALL of them did, EVERY SINGLE ONE. Stuff like this doesn't happen to conservatives ever. NEVER EVER, NOT EVEN ONCE ANYWHERE IN THIS LAND, you know why? Because we're smarter and better than they are. And because of this they deserve neither our assistance nor our sympathy, they ALL DESERVE TO DIE.

Fortunately because of our ideology and inherent righteousness and natural superiority we don't have to deal with such things. Go forth proudly through the human stench of this day with your head held high.

And I am so very proud to stand among ye. Those of ye, that is, that aren't moved to some bogus sympathy and motivation to help victims of natural disaster on our own soil. You guys should have just gone ahead and voted for Obama and you should be dead too.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.