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That was the intention, to

That was the intention, to pick a "crappy" candidate who would not win.

There was more excitement about the 2008 election as compared to 2012. It was intentionally this way to make it more likely that Obama would be re-elected.

McCain wanted to run against Bush as the Democratic nominee back in 2000. In 2004 McCain wanted to be Kerry's VP. The MSM articles regarding this are still online. Considering that, why in the world would the GOP then make that guy the party nominee after he wanted to run against the party two cycles in a row for the other team?

During the primaries many of the other candidates were referred to as the "anybody but Romney" candidates, because Romney was viewed as that bad for the GOP to be the nominee. But somehow after all that Romney gets nominated.... then loses.

The GOP did not want a strong candidate in 2008 or in 2012.

One possible reason for that is they know what is coming economically, that it's nearly impossible to stop, and do not want to have a Republican POTUS in office who will be blamed for the mess far into the future.