Comment: Defining "life is life"

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Defining "life is life"

Defining "life is life" doesn't define it. Your personal belief is the subjective term "life" is defined as starting at conception... while another person can scientifically say when the heart starts beating, or another when the brain starts having activity, or when it starts to resemble a human being, or when it is capable of living on its own for the first time even if only for a minute or so, etc etc etc.

Even scientifically it is subjective.

Because "Life" can't be defined by any one person, religion, or government... you have to look at it as property of the person's body... the question being, when does the egg turned zygote, turned fetus, end up being given its own property rights over its body?

When does the woman lose the property right over it?

The fairest answer to that question regardless of religious and moral personal OPINION... is viability. Because viability is always becoming sooner and sooner with today's technology, the fairest way to answer that in policy is the official "viability" being that of the earliest delivery of a viable child recorded medically.

Just because someone doesn't like or think a policy is right or not doesn't mean it isn't fair in a world where there's no conclusive evidence on anyone's side... just supporting.

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