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The freedom of information

The freedom of information act has nothing to do with the information of private companies.

In a free society we have the right to not purchase items that we are in disagreement with, whether that be the ingredients, the way the ingredients are made or even if the ingredients are not disclosed.

You can use your freedom of choice to purchase non-GMO cola, all you need to do is find a company that produces non-GMO cola and then support their efforts by being a customer. If enough people do the same they will grow just as other beverage companies grow.

If we expect the federal government, or state governments, to manage every aspect of our lives then they definitely will.

Let's say one day the fed or state gov mandates labeling for GMO status and maybe organic as well. The next thing they will do is mandate certifications as well. What happens to your local farm market or even your neighbor who might sell what they grow in their garden when the future law mandates that they label everything and that they pay significant fees in order to be licensed as a certified non-GMO organic producer? The cost alone would put many out of business and any who do not comply, and sell their uncertified produce anyway, could end up imprisoned.