Comment: Wish I could advise more!

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Wish I could advise more!

I am using 4 GE Plant and Aquarium 48 inch florescent tubes that are 40 watts each of energy. They are in one old 4 tube holder bought at a garage sale. The plug was wired in so I could plug it in a power bar and not have to install it wired into the ceiling. So my set up is like using four 40 watt bulbs. I do not use much hydro either but I am on the grid, reluctantly. Our total monthly bill for ALL our utilities is $150.

Now you can get the little florescent tubes; I do not know their watts. I know people who use these bulbs to grow a garden in the crawlspace under their house! cabbages, lettuce, green onions... but I am betting that is high energy.

You can try for a cold frame made of old windows on the south side of the house. Lettuce and parsley will even grow in snow.

Need heat? Use solar heaters you can make yourself. You can look around You Tube for ideas.