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I disagree

Libertarians believe in the freedom to pursue your own goals as long as your actions do not infringe on the rights of others.

We have a right to life. Murder is wrong because it infringes on the right to life. If an unborn fetus is alive, then to abort it is murder, a violation of its right to life. You talk about facts and opinions. What fact is there that a fetus is not alive and therefore does not have a right to its life? Here's a fact, every living person has a heartbeat (except Dick Cheney). Name a time when a person's right to life is not being violated when their beating heart is stopped by another human being. I can name couple.

Open heart surgery, a doctor sometimes has to stop the heart while trying to repair it. True, but that procedure is being performed under the informed consent of the patient who agreed to the procedure. It is not a violation of his right to life.

Another would be when they "pull-the-plug" on a terminally ill patient's life support. Severing the life support of a terminally ill patient, right or wrong, and that of an unborn fetus are very different. In the case of a terminally ill patient, the person could be sustained on life support until their body ultimately fails and they die, dispite sciences best efforts to keep them alive. With an unborn baby, you are severing the life support of a human being whose life would continue normally after birth.

If a patient was expected to make a full recovery as long as they remained on life support while their body healed and a doctor pulled-the-plug and allowed that patient to die, wouldn't that doctor be guilty of murder? If the patient was unable to communicate their wishes to live, would the their mother's consent to severing her child's life support make it okay?

A subjective definition of an unborn child's life would be I believe an infant starts thinking at 20 weeks, therefore it is alive then. That definition exists only in the mind of the person who believes it because they have no objective evidence to prove it.

A beating heart is an objective observation of an unborn baby's evidence of life backed up by the fact that a living person has a heartbeat.