Comment: As far as I know, there is no known procedure for

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As far as I know, there is no known procedure for

seceding but I'm pretty sure that's not gonna do it. :)

Not that it hasn't been tried many times before. I'm personally hoping Alaska or NH does it.. Hell any state that could do it would be great.

Those are the two states that I see trying it when the economy finally tanks.. Texas has talked about it sure but that state seems to be all talk when it comes to political dissent.

I think Alaska is generally the most promising.. They have a large group that's gaining ground in the name of secession and geographically it makes sense too.. They're like another country already.

NH is doing great things for Liberty... to be honest though, I'm not sure where they are on secession. The Liberty movement there seems to be gaining power positions and is busy making adjustments.

I picked them because of the spirit I see coming through so it's just a hopeful guess.

Edit for NH: Just found this on NH

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