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this is the way it works

- If you are born in a foreign country but your parents are citizens of the united states then you're parents have to apply for naturalization for you. You will be naturalized citizen but not natural born. I would imagine this would be through the state of the residence of the parents.

- If you're parents are ambassadors or you are born on a US base (which is considered US soil) you will be natural born.

- If one or both of your parents are foreign and you are born on US soil, you are a US citizen but not a natural born citizen. You are a citizen of that state that you are born into. You have dual loyalties and therefore cannot be considered natural born. You have dual loyalties because Parents transfer citizenship to their children.

- If you are foreign born and you emigrate here. By applying for citizenship you become naturalized citizen. You apply in the state that you reside.

- If you are born to foreign parents who attained their citizenship before you were born then you would be a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN

- Lastly if you are born of two natural born citizens on the soil you are also a Natural born citizen

All citizenship is through the state. Powers supposed to be from the state. US government is only supposed to be a collective of states.