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Trust in labeling requirement: None.

ScientificPsychic : Learn to read food labels. Food label are "practiced-in-the-art-of-deception."

Truth in labeling requirement: Terms & conditions apply. There is an opt out clause.

First, in a free & open society, should you find one, things would be different. You might enjoy it there if folks behaved much as you like. And they did nothing you could not tolerate.

In a law abiding society, you enjoy a few rights acknowledged by the government, which are granted by somebody else. For example, God gave us rights. Some 10 of those rights were acknowledged & written up in the Bill of Rights, lest our government forget their boundaries. Our Free Press even got one. Other countries acknowledge various list containing more or less of the same. Is it France that has 25 acknowledged God given rights? The "right to know" is generally omitted in these God given rights... as are rights demanded for medicare payments, social security payments, privacy, sunlight, et cetera. The "right to know by hiring a lawyer" may be civil law granted by government in rare & particular cases. States Rights may be granted by state & enforced my themselves (Cases of federal acknowledgement are becoming collector's items. Values are rising well above the rate of money supply inflation.)

On to labeling (food or otherwise): It is not a federal duty nor privilege. There should be no such federal law in the United States. State & local levels may decide on their own requirements for labeling.

Folk may feel entitled to have things being labeled for them. Trademarked if you will. That is an entitlement from the US government to a registered person or corporation (a fictitious name if you well). Trademarks are paid for by owners. They are for the benefit of owners. They are branding their ownership. They are stating it is their privilege to produce such a thing. When you buy such a thing, keep your receipt (as they have their name on what was theirs). Trademark has trust value to those that trust in it.

On to labeling food: Here is an FDA write up on their Nonbinding Recommendations for labeling food for sale. Nonbinding means "unenforceable."

On to omission of food from labels: Foods Not Subject To Ingredient FDA Labeling.

Stating food labeling is voluntary (& having no part of it!):
Food labeling is not required. Food packaging are under no federal mandates. They may chose to acknowledge this fact of law by printing a citation of the law:

Or they may just omit secret items, such as Coca Cola ®.

Or just omit the food label completely: There is specific labeling to state, "ingredient list is not required." Packagers may cite the legal code section that states this obscure fact.

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