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Viability in the sense that

Viability in the sense that it can survive without the woman in any sense long enough to be taken care of and possibly survive.

You need to be able to live for only a moment on your own to "survive" as an individual.

I've answered this in other responses, but because of ever advancing technology we'd have to take that into account. We would have two dates... one being the earliest record of a fetus being saved into becoming a child... "viability"... and then one or two weeks before that date.

The woman would be able to have the abortion before the earlier date with no questions asked. Between those dates it would be required that they tried to save the child first before aborting. If after the second date... then the child would be considered possibly viable and in turn possibly an individual that we cannot assume isn't one.

If a child is saved before that second date, then it's recorded and the policy's dates change to reflect that while leaving a window open enough to technology to continue advancing.

"Life" in it's objective definition is what we can enforce to protect... but the BEGINNING of "life" is subjective... even scientifically... "DNA", "Brain activity", "heartbeat", all examples of scientific subjective beliefs as to when "life" begins.

I don't think "parasite" is a word to use. I think the fetus is still part of the woman's body until viability. Your logic is to call an arm or a leg a parasite until it were to become viable on its own if it could.

The egg TURNS INTO a zygote. The egg doesn't magically dissapear and the zygote appears out of nowhere. The zygote is still part of the woman's as she never voluntarily gave it away like the man does with his sperm... which is no longer his property or part of his body at that point.

You miss the difference between defining "life" and defining when "life" begins and how one is objective and the other subjective.

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